Medical Evaluations & Supervision

When you are seeking medical care for injuries from an accident, it is important to get proper medical supervision. At SNMG we provide medical evaluations by a licensed physician to provide you with proper supervision of therapy and prescription medication needs.

Chiropractic & Physio Therapy

Spinal injuries are the most common types of injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Our network of chiropractors will assess your injuries and guide you through your therapy through spinal manipulations, electro-stim therapy and therapeutic exercises.

Massage Therapy

Sometimes the best treatment for your soft tissue injuries is a manual massage by our licensed massage therapist. Just relax and let our therapist work the tension and soreness out of your body.

Since 1993

Health Centered. Patient Focused.

At Southern Nevada Medical Group we focus on caring for patients injured in motor vehicle accidents. We strive to differentiate our practice from others to give our patients a personalized experience. On your first visit, we will have our physicians spend extensive time reviewing all your past and present medical conditions and personalize a therapy plan so you can best recover from your injuries. We are not just a typical chiropractic clinic–we are a medical clinic fully integrated with chiropractic care.

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